Titans Tomorrow

"Titans Tomorrow" is a storyline of a possible alternate future in the DC Comics Universe, from Teen Titans (vol. 3) #17-19 (2005), by Geoff Johns and Mike McKone. The story arc has been collected as part of the Teen Titans: The Future is Now trade paperback.

The concept was revisited in the Teen Titans monthly title by writer Sean McKeever and artist Alé Garza in the "Titans of Tomorrow... Today!" storyline.

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... In "Titans Tomorrow", a possible future version of Conner Kent was introduced ... After the reappearance of the future Titans, a second alternate version is introduced as a clone created by Tim Drake, who was created after Conner died battling Superboy-Prime ... He and the other future Titans were sent by Luthor to make sure that their future still comes to pass as well as defeat an invading army of Starros ...
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... See also Titans Tomorrow Atlee appears as a future version of herself in Teen Titans #52-54 as part of the "Titans of Tomorrow...Today!" storyline ...

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