Titan - Vehicles


  • Ellipse Titan, a French hang glider
  • Titan, a South Devon Railway Gorgon class 4-4-0ST steam locomotive
  • Titan (rocket family)
  • Titan Clydebank, a cantilever crane located in Clydebank, Scotland
  • Cessna 404 Titan II, a small twin-propeller aircraft
  • Chevrolet Titan, a cabover tractor-trailer truck by Chevrolet
  • Floating crane Titan, a floating crane that operated in Sydney Harbour, Australia
  • Leyland Titan (front engined double-decker), a chassis for double-decker buses, made from 1927 to 1970
  • Leyland Titan (B15), a double-decker bus, made from 1977 to 1984
  • Nissan Titan, a pickup truck
  • ST Titan, a Gold Coast tugboat
  • Terex Titan, the prototype of a large dump truck
  • USNS Titan (T-AGOS-15), a ship in the United States Navy
  • Volkswagen Titan, a truck from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

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    Television programming for children need not be saccharine or insipid in order to give to violence its proper balance in the scheme of things.... But as an endless diet for the sake of excitement and sensation in stories whose plots are vehicles for killing and torture and little more, it is not healthy for young children. Unfamiliar as yet with the full story of human response, they are being misled when they are offered perversion before they have fully learned what is sound.
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