Timeline of The Irish Confederate Wars - 1649


  • February- Ormonde returns to Ireland, and after arriving at Kilkenny, dissolves the Catholic Confederation.
  • 23 February, Papal nuncio Rinuccini leaves Ireland.
  • 2 August 1649: battle of Rathmines, a combined Royalist/Confederate force is defeated by the English Parliamentarians outside Dublin.
  • 15 August, Oliver Cromwell lands in Dublin with the New Model Army to re-conquer Ireland.
  • 17 August: Henry Ireton lands with the remainder of the Parliamentarian force.
  • 11 September: English Parliamentarian troops storm Drogheda and massacre its garrison Siege of Drogheda.
  • Owen Roe O'Neill re-joins the Confederate/Royalist coalition.
  • 2 October, Parliamentarian forces lay siege to Wexford.
  • 11 October: Sack of Wexford, Cromwell's troops take Wexford, put its garrison to the sword and burn much of the town.
  • 15 October: English Parliamentarian troops under Henry Ireton lay siege to Duncannon.
  • 19 October: New Ross surrenders on terms to Cromwell.
  • 5 November, the siege of Duncannon is raised due to bad weather and a stubborn defence by the town's garrison.
  • 6 November, Owen Roe O'Neill dies of disease.
  • 19 November: English Parliamentarians take Carrick on Suir in a surprise attack.
  • 24 November: Ulster Irish troops attack Carrick but are beaten off with heavy casualties.
  • Parliamentarian forces arrive before Waterford, beginning the Siege of Waterford
  • November, Battle of Arklow (1649). An army led by Inchiquin fails to destroy a force of English Parliamentarian soldiers.
  • 6 December: Battle of Lisnagarvey. The Parliamentarians defeat a Scottish pro-Royalist force in county Down.
  • 10 December: The Siege of Waterford is abandoned. The Parliamentarians go into winter quarters at Dungarven.

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