Timeline of The Irish Confederate Wars - 1647


  • Spring: Inchiquin launches a major offensive in Munster, quickly capturing Dromana, Cappoquin and Dungarvan.
  • June 1647: Ormonde surrenders Dublin to the English Parliamentarians, preferring them to the Catholic Confederates.
  • August: The Confederate Leinster Army is destroyed by an English Parliamentarian force at the battle of Dungan's Hill, in county Meath.
  • Owen Roe ONeills Ulster Army lays waste to the area around Dublin, burning food supplies to prevent the Parliamentarian army under from advancing into Confederate territory.
  • September: Sack of Cashel, Parliamentarian forces under Inchiquin sack Cashel, County Tipperary and massacre its garrison.
  • November 1647: Battle of Knocknanauss. The Confederate Munster Army is routed by the Parliamentarians in county Cork.

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