Time Bomb

A time bomb (or timebomb, time-bomb) is a bomb whose detonation is triggered by a timer. The use (or attempted use) of time bombs has been for various purposes ranging from insurance fraud to warfare to assassination; however, the most common use has been for politically motivated terrorism.

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Nick Arcade - Gameplay - Main Rounds - Moving Mikey
... of a certain activity could be accomplished, within a set time limit, by the person in the video ... also appeared in the "WeGot'Em Mall", the "Time Portal", and on the beach in the "Specific Ocean" ... Time Bomb - In the rare occurrence that Mikey moved to a space that had already been landed on, a "Time Bomb" would occur ...
Time Bombs in Fiction
... Time bombs are common plot devices used in action/thriller TV series, cartoons, films and video games, where the hero often escape the blast area or defuses the bomb at the ... Many fictional time bombs are improvised, and usually involve a beeping sound with a large prominent countdown timer (on rare occasions, the timer will count up) ... The Format, Rancid, Buckcherry, The Dismemberment Plan, Faber Drive and Beck titled "Time bomb" or "Timebomb" ...
The Mole (Australia Season 2) - Episodes - Episode 2
... Money earned Possible earnings Tour Guides $5,000 $5,000 Time Bomb $0 $10,000 Underwater Keys $0 $5,000 Current Kitty $15,000 $30,000 Free passes Shane Retrieved a key ... Time Bomb The other eight players were taken to Fort Nepean, a mostly idle old fort with lots of tunnels, gun emplacements, ammunition stores, lookout points, and bunkers ... In one bunker was a time bomb ...
Time Bomb 9/11
... "Time Bomb 9/11" or just "Time Bomb" was a Hindi political thriller that aired on Zee TV from June 20, 2005 to December 25, 2005 ...
Modern Vampires - Plot
... man who's not afraid to get his hands dirty in a cause that is holy." What he gets is Crips member Time Bomb (Gabriel Casseus), who doesn't believe in vampires but is willing to put a stake through anyone's heart ... After killing Vincent, Van Helsing tells Time Bomb that 20 years ago his son Hans became good friends with Dallas who promised to save his life from a fatal genetic disorder by ... not be enough against the vampire infestation, Van Helsing and Time Bomb bring in three more Crips members - Soda Pop (Victor Togunde), L'il Monster (Cedrick ...

Famous quotes containing the words bomb and/or time:

    There are no accidents, only nature throwing her weight around. Even the bomb merely releases energy that nature has put there. Nuclear war would be just a spark in the grandeur of space. Nor can radiation “alter” nature: she will absorb it all. After the bomb, nature will pick up the cards we have spilled, shuffle them, and begin her game again.
    Camille Paglia (b. 1947)

    The conqueror at least; who, ere Time renders
    His last award, will have the long grass grow
    Above his burnt-out brain and sapless cinders.
    If I might augur, I should rate but low
    Their chances: they are too numerous, like the thirty
    Mock tyrants, when Rome’s annals wax’d but dirty.
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)