Tigridia Pavonia

Tigridia pavonia is the best-known species from the genus Tigridia. It is included in the Iridaceae family. This famous ornamental plant comes from Mexico. It's very popular among the lovers of interesting flowers. The blooms open early in the morning and are already closed around 5 P.M. when dusk begins to fall. Every day a different bloom is opened. The plants that are grown from seeds bloom in the first year after they are sowed.

The flower has a big variety of colors. There are many sorts of this species that are grown for their ornamental traits.

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... Tigridia ( /taɪˈɡrɪdiə/), the tiger-flowers or shell flowers, is a genus of bulbous or cormous plants, belonging to the family Iridaceae ... They have large showy flowers and one species, Tigridia pavonia, is often cultivated for this ... The tigridia flower is short lived, each often blooming for only one day, but often several flowers will bloom from the same stalk ...