Tianmu, Shilin District - Embassies and Representative Offices in Tianmu

Embassies and Representative Offices in Tianmu

There is a special Embassy District in Tianmu where many Embassies and Representative Offices are located.
25°7′0.39″N 121°31′28.26″E / 25.1167750°N 121.5245167°E / 25.1167750; 121.5245167

  • Burkina Faso Embassy
  • El Salvador Embassy
  • Nicaragua Embassy
  • Belize Embassy
  • Palau Embassy
  • Malawi Embassy
  • Marshall Islands Embassy
  • Gambia Embassy
  • Honduras Embassy
  • Solomon Islands Embassy
  • Paraguay Embassy
  • Haiti Embassy
  • Chad Embassy
  • Gambia Embassy
  • Swaziland Embassy
  • Senegal Embassy
  • Liberia Embassy
  • Belize Embassy
  • Saudi Arabia Commercial Office
  • Brazil Business Center
  • Jordan Business Office

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