Throwback Entertainment

Throwback Entertainment is a Canadian games publisher based in Toronto, Canada.

Founded in 2004, the founders of Throwback Entertainment considered purchasing Acclaim Entertainment, but after researching the company decided against doing so. However, two years later (after Acclaim shut down), Throwback Entertainment announced the purchase of the Acclaim library, consisting of over 150 games and including titles as Re-Volt, Extreme-G, Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance and Vexx (among others).

On February 2011, We Go Interactive Co.,Ltd, located in Seoul, Korea, purchased the Re-Volt franchise from Throwback Entertainment.

On June 2012, Throwback Entertainment launched Double Clutch, an automotive lifestyle site.

On February 2013, Throwback Entertainment launched Sportgoer, an app for the iPhone that combines schedule data for professional sports.