Thomson (surname) - List of Persons With The Surname

List of Persons With The Surname

  • Adam Thomson (disambiguation)
  • Alexander Thomson (1817–1875), Scottish architect
  • Andrew Thomson (disambiguation)
  • Beverly Thomson (born 1966), Canadian journalist
  • Bob Thomson, English footballer
  • Bobby Thomson (1923–2010), Scottish-born American baseball player
  • Charles Thomson, secretary of the Continental Congress
  • Charles Poulett Thomson, 1st Baron Sydenham (1799–1841), the first Governor of the united Province of Canada
  • Charles Wyville Thomson (1830–1882), professor of zoology and chief scientist on the Challenger expedition
  • Charles Thomson (artist) (born 1953), British artist, painter and poet
  • Craig Thomson (politician), Australian politician
  • Craig Thomson (footballer), Scottish footballer
  • Craig Thomson (referee), Scottish football referee
  • Cyndi Thomson, an American country music singer from the early 2000s
  • David Thomson (disambiguation)
  • Des Thomson (born 1942), New Zealand cyclist
  • Donald Thomson (1901–1970), Australian anthropologist and ornithologist
  • Edward Thomson, a Bishop in the Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Edward Thomson (disambiguation)
  • Elihu Thomson (1853–1937), English engineer, founder of what became the French firm Thomson SA
  • Fergus Thomson, a Scottish rugby union player who plays hooker for Glasgow Warriors and Scotland
  • Frederick Clifton Thomson, (1890–1928), American silent film cowboy actor
  • George Thomson (musician) (1757–1821), Scottish music collector and a friend of Robert Burns
  • George Paget Thomson (1892–1975), English physicist who worked on the wave nature of the electron
  • Ian Thomson (disambiguation) (various)
  • J. J. Thomson (Sir Joseph John Thomson, 1856–1940), English physicist who discovered the electron
  • J. M. Archer Thomson (1863–1913), British rock-climber and mountaineer
  • James Thomson (disambiguation), several people
    • James Thomson (poet) (1700–1748), poet of the eighteenth century, author of The Seasons
    • James Thomson (B.V.) (1834–1882), poet of the nineteenth century, author of The City of Dreadful Night
    • James Thomson (cell biologist), stem cell researcher
    • James Thomson (engineer), brother of William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin
    • James Thomson (Pittsburgh mayor), 19th century political figure
  • Jeff Thomson (born 1950), Australian cricketer
  • John Thomson (disambiguation), several people
    • John Edgar Thomson (1808–1874), American civil engineer, railroad executive and industrialist
    • John Thomson (comedian) (born 1969), a British actor and impressionist
    • John Thomson (pitcher) (born 1973), American baseball player
    • John Thomson (footballer) (1909–1931), former Celtic F.C. footballer
    • John Thomson (Ohio politician) (1780–1852), US Congressman from Ohio
    • John Thomson (photographer), a nineteenth-century Scottish photographer
    • John Thomson (RAF), one of the senior officers of the Royal Air Force
    • Rev. John Thomson (minister), minister in Sutherland, Scotland, who was responsible for recording the works of the poet Rob Donn
    • John Renshaw Thomson (1800–1862), US Senator from New Jersey
  • Joseph Thomson (explorer) (1858–1895), a Scottish geologist
  • Judith Jarvis Thomson, moral philosopher
  • Kelvin Thomson, Australian politician
  • Kevin Thomson, Scottish footballer (Hibernian, Rangers, Middlesbrough, Scotland)
  • Kenneth Thomson, 2nd Baron Thomson of Fleet (1923–2006)
  • Lawrie Thomson, Scottish footballer (Partick Thistle, Carlisle, St. Johnstone, Alloa)
  • Lodewijk Thomson (1869–1914), Dutch soldier and politician
  • Matthew Thomson, smallbore rifle champion
  • Meldrim Thomson, Jr., former New Hampshire governor
  • Michael Thomson (judge), Manitoba judge
  • Peter Thomson (golfer)
  • Reginald H. Thomson (1856–1949), Seattle civil engineer
  • Riley Thomson (1912–1960), American animator and comics artist
  • Robert Thomson (inventor) (1822–1873), Scottish inventor
  • Robert James Thomson, Australian journalist
  • Roy Thomson, 1st Baron Thomson of Fleet (1894–1976), Canadian newspaper and media entrepreneur, linked to The Thomson Corporation
  • Rosemary Thomson, Canadian conductor
  • Roy Hendry Thomson, an eminent Aberdonian
  • Susan Michelle Thomson, Assistant Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, Colgate University, noted scholar of Rwanda since the 1994 genocide.
  • Timothy Emmanuel Thomson (born 1991), New Zealand Professional Wrestler
  • Tom Thomson (1877–1917), Canadian artist
  • Vernon Wallace Thomson (1905–1988), American politician
  • Virgil Thomson (1896–1989), American composer
  • William Thomson (disambiguation), several people
    • William Thomson (archbishop) (1819–1890), former Archbishop of York
    • William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin (1824–1907), Irish physicist
    • Sir William Thomson (Solicitor General), Solicitor General for England and Wales 1717–1720
    • William Thomson (musicologist), Scottish folk song collector
    • W. Thompson (songwriter), a 19th-century songwriter, author of "The Stars O' Hartlepool"

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