Thomas Poulter - Publications


  • Poulter, Thomas C., (1943) HYDRAULIC PUMP, Patent No. 2,333,885. United States Patent Office.
  • Poulter, Thomas C., (1945) METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CASTING METAL, Patent No. 2,379,401. United States Patent Office.
  • Poulter, T. C., (1947) Seismic measurements on the Ross Shelf Ice—Part I, Transactions, American Geophysical Union, Volume 28, Issue 2, p. 162-170.
  • Poulter, T. C., Allen, C. F., and Miller, S. W., (1950) Seismic measurements on the Taku Glacier, in Geophysical tudies in the Antarctic; Contract N8onr 526, ProjectNo. NR-081-020, published by the Stanford Research Institute.
  • Poulter, T. C. (1950) The Poulter seismic method of geophysical exploration, Geophysics, Vol. 1 5, pp. 1 81 -207.
  • Poulter, T. C., (1950) The Poulter Seismic Method, The Canadian Mining and Metalluraical Bulletin, May, pp. 258–267.
  • Poulter, Thomas C., (1954) METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SEISMIC EXPLORATION, Patent No. 2,672,204. United States Patent Office.
  • Poulter, T. C., (1955) Meteor observations in the Antarctic; Byrd Antarctic Expedition II, 1933-1935. Stanford Research Institute
  • Poulter, T. C. 1963. Sonar signals of the sea lion. Science, 139 753-755
  • Poulter, T. C. 1963. The sonar of the sea lion. Inst. Elec. Electron. Eng. Trans., 10, 109-111
  • Pressure regulation in the middle ear cavity of sea lions: a possible mechanism S Odend'hal, T C Poulter Science. 1966 Aug 12;153 (737):768-9 5940898
  • Orr, R. T. and T. C. Poulter (1967) Some observations on reproduction, growth, and social behavior in the Steller sea lion Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 35:193–226
  • Sea lion echo ranging H N Shaver, T C Poulter The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 1967 Aug
  • R C Hubbard, T C Poulter 1968 Seals and sea lions as models for studies in comparative biology Lab Anim Care. 1968 Apr ;18 (2):Suppl:288-97 4233361
  • Watkins, W.; Singleton, R.; Poulter, T. Comments on spectral analysis of the calls of the Male Killer Whale Audio and Electroacoustics, IEEE Transactions on Volume 16, Issue 4, Dec 1968 Page(s): 523 - 523
  • R J Stephens, I J Beebe, T C Poulter Innervation of the vibrissae of the California sea lion, Zalophus californianus Anat Rec. 1973 Aug ;176 (4):421-41 4723405
  • W B Neff, M T Sullivan, T C Poulter A magnetic-drive circulator designed for completely closed carbon dioxide absorption systems Anesthesiology. 1979 Aug ;51 (2):169-70 453621

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