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The 1982 French-Italian film La Nuit de Varrenes is about a fictional meeting of Casanova, Chevalier de Seingalt (played by Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni), Nicolas Edmé Restif de la Bretonne, Countess Sophie de la Borde, and Thomas Paine (played by American actor Harvey Keitel) as they ride in a carriage a few hours behind the carriage carrying the King and Queen of France, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, on their attempt to escape from revolutionary France in 1791.

Jack Shepherd's stage play In Lambeth dramatized a visit by Thomas Paine to the Lambeth home of William and Catherine Blake in 1789, first performed at the East Dulwich Tavern in London in July 1989. The play was later adapted for television in the BBC Two Encounters series - which featured similar fictionalized meetings between historical figures - and was first broadcast on 4 July 1993. It was directed by Sebastian Graham-Jones, and featured Bob Peck as Paine, Mark Rylance as William, and Lesley Clare O'Neill as Katherine (sic).

In 2001 the Scottish musician Dick Gaughan included the song "Tom Paine's Bones" on his album Outlaws and Dreamers.

In 2005 the writer Trevor Griffiths published 'These are the Times: A life of Thomas Paine', originally written as a screenplay for Richard Attenborough productions. A film has not been made but it was broadcast as a two-part radio drama on BBC Radio 4 in 2008 with a repeat in 2012. In 2009 Griffiths adapted his screenplay for a production titled "A New World" at Shakespeare's Globe theatre on London's South Bank.

In 2009, Paine's life was dramatized in a play 'Thomas Paine Citizen of the World', produced for the "Tom Paine 200 Celebrations" festival in Thetford, the town of his birth.

Paine's role in the foundation of the United States is depicted in a pseudo-biographical fashion in the educational animated series Liberty's Kids produced by DIC Entertainment.

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