Thinadhoo may refer to:

  • Thinadhoo (Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll)
  • Thinadhoo (Vaavu Atoll)
  • Thinadhoo (Haa Alif Atoll), a disappeared island

Other articles related to "thinadhoo":

Thinadhoo (Vaavu Atoll)
... Maamingili Mahibadhoo Mandhoo Omadhoo Vaavu Atoll Felidhoo Fulidhoo Keyodhoo Rakeedhoo Thinadhoo Mulaku Atoll/Meemu Atoll Dhiggaru Kolhufushi ...
Thinadhoo (Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll) - Thinadhoo Genocide 1962
... This island was formerly known as Havaru Thinadhoo and it was the traditional seat of the Atoll Chief ... Al Auzam captured Malé and went on a journey to South of Maldives and visited Thinadhoo to see them practicing Buddhism ... This 'Havaru' went to Thinadhoo and recaptured the island after much bloodshed ...
Thinadhoo (Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll) - Huvadhoo Invasion
... hostile activities were instigated by members of a “military force” from Havaru Thinadhoo, the capital of the atoll, who had been in charge of Gadhdhoo Island since the beginning of the rebellion ... These were about 200 men from Havaru Thinadhoo, calling themselves “sifain” (soldiers) who had roamed the island, looting and terrifying the islanders, consisting mainly of women and children, after most of the ... Soon afterwards, the men from Havaru Thinadhoo capitulated and were handed over to the ship by the islanders ...