Theodosian Code

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History Of Same-sex Unions - The Old World - Classical Europe, Africa and China
... A law in the Theodosian Code (C ... and Elagabalus who married men, and by its outlaw in 342 AD in the Theodosian Code, but the exact intent of the law and its relation to social practice is unclear, as only a few examples of ... (Theodosian Code 9.7.3) ...
History Of The Jews In The Byzantine Empire - Theodosian Code: 404-527
... legal precedent and foundation for Byzantine law in his Theodosian Code, permitted Jews, like other citizens, to hire a substitute to perform the duties of decurion in their place ... Justinian, whose legal code included 33 laws relating to the Jews, initially maintained this ability, but it was abolished in 537 ... Under the Theodosian Code, therefore, ownership of Christian slaves by Jews was not prohibited, although their purchase was ...

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