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Series Releases

In 1994, Jim Henson Video released The Muppet Show: Monster Laughs with Vincent Price, featuring the episodes with Vincent Price and Alice Cooper. Both episodes were edited. In addition to replacing the first season opening and the ending logos with Zoot, the Vincent Price episode was edited to remove the songs "I'm Looking Through You" and "You've Got a Friend" (the latter of which would be removed again when released on the first season DVD) as well as a sketch with the talking houses, while the Alice Cooper episode removed Robin's performance of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".

Time-Life began marketing 'best of' volumes of The Muppet Show for mail-order in 2001, with six initial volumes with three episodes on each VHS and DVD. Unique to each episode was an introduction by Jim Henson's son, Brian. Nine more volumes were added for 2002, the Muppet's 25th anniversary. The collection was available for retail in 2002 via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment by which time Time-Life had released its tenth volume.

Buena Vista Home Entertainment released the first season on DVD in Region 1 on 9 August 2005. The rights to the episodes and characters used in The Muppet Show, and subsequent film outings, were bought in February 2004 by the Walt Disney Company.

Several songs were cut from the Season 1 DVD release due to music licensing issues. There have also been some cuts in the intro sequence, and backstage scenes leading up to these songs. However, episodes that used Disney music remained unaltered (for example, episode 14 of Season 1 used "Never Smile at a Crocodile" from Peter Pan).

  • "Stormy Weather" (Joel Grey episode) Sung by Wayne and Wanda;
  • "Gone with the Wind" (Jim Nabors episode) Sung by Jim Nabors;
  • "The Danceros" (Jim Nabors episode) Sung by The Danceros;
  • "All Of Me" (Paul Williams episode) Sung by Two Monsters;
  • "Old Fashioned Way" (Charles Aznavour episode) Sung by Charles Aznavour with Mildred;
  • "You’ve Got A Friend" (Vincent Price episode) Sung by Vincent Price, Uncle Deadly and a chorus of Muppet Monsters

The only uncut release of Season 1 on DVD so far is the German DVD release by Disney's Buena Vista Home Entertainment division from 2010 (which also contains English audio). However, the intro and end credit sequences on this release are in German.

DVD Name Ep # Release Date Content
Season One (1976–1977) 24 9 August 2005
  • Season 1 (1976–1977) episodes
  • The original pilot, The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence
  • The original pitch reel of the show
  • Muppet morsels viewing mode with pop-up facts
  • Promo gag reel
Season Two (1977–1978) 24 7 August 2007
  • Season 2 (1977–1978) episodes
  • The original pilot, The Muppets Valentine Show
  • The Muppets on the Muppets (interviews)
  • Weezer & The Muppets (music video)
Season Three (1978–1979) 24 20 May 2008
  • Season 3 (1978–1979) episodes
  • "A Company of Players" (documentary)
  • "The Muppets on Puppets" (documentary)
  • Purina Dog Food commercials with Rowlf
Season Four (1979–1980) 24 N/A
Season Five (1980–1981) 24 N/A

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