The Talking Mother Goose - Mother Goose: Teller of Fairy Tales

Mother Goose: Teller of Fairy Tales

Worlds of Wonder's Mother Goose has another difference between the legend and this version, in that she doesn't recite nursery rhymes. The stories she tells are fairy tales. In fact, Worlds of Wonder didn't touch nursery rhymes until a year later. Mother Goose not only tells and sings the stories, but also interacts with the characters.

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    Fairy tales are loved by the child not because the imagery he finds in them conforms to what goes on within him, but because—despite all the angry, anxious thoughts in his mind to which the fairy tale gives body and specific content—these stories always result in a happy outcome, which the child cannot imagine on his own.
    Bruno Bettelheim (20th century)

    A curious thing about atrocity stories is that they mirror, instead of the events they purport to describe, the extent of the hatred of the people that tell them.
    Still, you can’t listen unmoved to tales of misery and murder.
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)

    One might get the impression that I recommend a new methodology which replaces induction by counterinduction and uses a multiplicity of theories, metaphysical views, fairy tales, instead of the customary pair theory/observation. This impression would certainly be mistaken. My intention is not to replace one set of general rules by another such set: my intention is rather to convince the reader that all methodologies, even the most obvious ones, have their limits.
    Paul Feyerabend (1924–1994)

    Now that you are eighteen
    I give you my booty, my spoils,
    my Mother & Co. and my ailments.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    The teller of a mirthful tale has latitude allowed him. We are content with less than absolute truth.
    Charles Lamb (1775–1834)