The Sounds of Science (song)

The Sounds Of Science (song)

"The Sounds of Science"
Song by Beastie Boys from the album Paul's Boutique
Released July 25, 1989
Genre Hip hop
Length 3:11
Label Capitol Records
Writer MCA
Mike D
Producer Beastie Boys
Dust Brothers
Mario Caldato Jr.
Paul's Boutique track listing
"High Plains Drifter"
"The Sounds of Science"
"3-Minute Rule"

The Sounds of Science is the 6th track on the album Paul's Boutique by American hip hop group the Beastie Boys, released on July 25, 1989.

  • Produced & written by the Beastie Boys & the Dust Brothers.
  • Engineered by Mario Caldato & Allen Abrahamson.
  • The title of the track was inspired by "The Sounds of Silence", a song by Simon and Garfunkel.

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