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The Seer (Season 4)

The Book of Shadows describes The Seer as "An upper-level demon who has been around for thousands of years." Because she has the power to see the future, she is a top advisor to the Source of all Evil. The Seer has served multiple Sources, choosing to remain close to the ultimate power. She is a magical craftswoman and master at spells and tonics. As an upper-level demon, she can only be vanquished by a potion or a Power of Three spell.

Her power to see the future has gained her great respect in the Underworld. While she has served multiple Sources, her ultimate goal is to take power for herself. The Seer is also known to have worked with other demons, as well as exploiting others.

Her principal power is the ability to see the future. She can also possess someone else's body in order to tap into the person's powers and senses. She has the power to throw fireballs, but rarely uses it. Unlike most demons, she thinks killing is beneath her and only kills when she has to. She teleports by glistening, a variant form of shimmering that leaves a glowing contour of her body for a moment before it disappears.

She helps the last Source but opposed his plans to absorb The Hollow, fearing that he would destroy all magical life on Earth, including a future she wanted for herself as the new Source. She persuades Cole Turner into taking the Hollow into himself in order to protect his fiancee, Phoebe Halliwell. After helping to destroy the Source, the Seer seals the Hollow back in its box with the aid of Phoebe.

What Cole and the Charmed Ones don't know is that the Seer secretly intended for Cole to become the next Source. She told Cole and the Charmed Ones that the Source's essence had gone "into the void". However, she was referring to the void in Cole's soul where Belthazor had once been, and believed that the Source would enter that void and completely take Cole over. After Cole is possessed by the Source, the Seer acts as his principal advisor. She initially opposed Cole's determination to make Phoebe his queen. The Source claimed that he needed Phoebe because without her love, Cole's soul would die and he would cease to exist. He also hoped to use Cole's love for Phoebe (which was virtually the only part of Cole left after the Source completely took him over) to turn her evil. However, the Seer thought Phoebe could sway Cole away from evil. She was especially concerned because she'd foreseen Phoebe giving birth to the most powerful magical child in history, and wanted to ensure that it would be the Source's heir.

Unknown to Cole, the Seer engineered an attempt on Phoebe's life. She tricked Kurzon, a longtime rival of the Source, into going after Phoebe with promises that he would be crowned as the next Source. The Source was presumed dead at the time, and it was understood killing even one Charmed One meant automatic succession to the throne. When Cole found out about this, he threatened to kill the Seer if she ever betrayed him again. On the day before her wedding, she unearthed a Lazarus Demon and ordered him to attack the Charmed Ones as a part of the Source's plan to sabotage the ceremony. She helps trick Phoebe into marrying the Source in a dark ceremony (Phoebe and her sisters thinking it was a private ceremony) and helped Cole slip Phoebe some chocolates enchanted with a tonic she brewed up. Both of these actions ensured that Phoebe would conceive a child that would be the Source's demonic spawn and contain nothing of her or Cole. Otherwise, the child would have been Cole and Phoebe's child and thus would have been born as a powerful good witch similar to his mother and aunts.

However, the Seer still opposed the idea of a Charmed One as Queen of the Underworld. She suggested that Cole/the Source hire a female upper-level demon, Julie, as his personal assistant. She hoped Julie would seduce Cole away from Phoebe, but this was futile. It was only on the eve of Cole/the Source's coronation as the Source that the Seer finally decided to support Phoebe as the new Queen. Cole was on the verge of giving up his powers to an evil wizard after Phoebe inadvertently found out that he was a demon again, but the Seer convinced Phoebe that Cole was in danger. Phoebe killed the wizard, stopping the transfer. The two are then duly crowned as the rulers of the underworld.

Soon after his coronation, Cole/the Source ordered the Seer to give Phoebe a tonic that would not only strengthen their unborn son, but destroy Phoebe's good side as well. When Phoebe found out about this, as well as the fact Cole/the Source killed an innocent her sisters were protecting, she renounced her crown and joined her sisters in vanquishing him.

Shortly afterward, the Seer planned to steal the baby and use its power to fulfill her own ambition of becoming the Source. She knew that as a result of her magic, the baby already had fierce demonic powers. Indeed, the baby was powerful enough to control Phoebe from the womb. Phoebe comes to the conclusion the baby was really The Source occupying a new body, its own child.

The Seer then takes the oath to become the new Source, and as her first act intends to sacrifice the Charmed Ones. However, it turned out that her magic had worked too well; she found it as hard to handle the baby's powers as Phoebe had. Phoebe notices this, and suggests that she and her sisters make the Seer tap into all of the baby's power. As the Seer tries to destroy them, the Charmed Ones chant a spell that reflects her blasts back at her. The Seer is forced to use more and more of the baby's power until it destroys her and every demon in the room. Shortly afterward, the Charmed Ones took the Grimoire (the evil version of the Book of Shadows) and hid it in the Andes so no new Sources could be crowned.

The Seer appears again in an alternate reality Cole created in his last attempt to get Phoebe back. In this reality, Cole rules the underworld from the manor, and the Seer acts as his principal advisor.

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