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Share Connector - The Return
5 2006, ShareConnector's administrator informed that ShareConnector was planning to return on December 2006 ... (exactly 2 years after it was forced offline) ... ShareConnector did in fact return, however not on the 14th instead the 19th ...
Sylvie And Bruno - Plot Summary - Volume 2, Sylvie and Bruno Concluded - The Return
... Chapter 19 In December of the same year, the narrator returns to Elveston, and visits Arthur's grave in the company of Muriel ... (No attempt is made to justify this in the terms of the story.) Chapter 24 The Beggar returns to the palace, and is revealed to be the Warden ...
Alan Scott - Fictional Character Biography - Post-Crisis On Infinite Earths - The Return
... He has since been physically altered again so that he more closely resembles his true chronological age ... He returns to using the name Green Lantern during the JSA's battle with Mordru ...
The Return - Other
... The Return (guerrilla organization), or al-Awda, an Iraqi guerilla organization "The Return (Stargate Atlantis)", a two-part episode of Stargate ... The Return (Ben 10 episode)", an episode of the Cartoon Network animated television series Ben 10 "The Return (Justice League Unlimited episode)", an episode of ...
Sarah Roberts - Character History - The Return
... After Hunter threatens Sarah on the phone, Cristian and Rex insist she return with them to Llanview and stay with one of her several family members there not eager to reunite with her family, she ... Sarah's father Cord comes to town for the funeral they have a brief reunion, and he returns to London ...

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    Narcissus weeps to find that his Image does not return his love.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)