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The Residence

The cast residence, Stage 20, was located at Columbia Square, in a seven-story, 105,000-square-foot (9,800 m2) building at 6121 West Sunset Boulevard at the intersection of North Gower Street in Gower Gulch, Los Angeles that formerly served as a CBS broadcast facility where programs such as I Love Lucy were filmed (Map). The building is part of a 125,000-foot (38,000 m) complex that takes up an entire city block, which previously housed eight studios and CBS's local television and radio operations, including KCBS-TV/KCAL-TV, KNX Radio and KCBS-FM. The complex also included a 1,050 seat auditorium, a restaurant, and a bank. The northeast corner of the complex was used for filming. It is 23.3 miles (37.5 km) from the Venice beach house where The Real World: Los Angeles was filmed. The property was purchased in August 2006 for $66 million USD by Molasky Pacific, LLC, who intend to redevelop it to attract other residential and office tenants.

According to MTV, this season of The Real World was the first to incorporate environmentally friendly household and lifestyle choices, including a solar-heated swimming pool that uses salt to reduce the need for chemical treatment, Energy Star appliances, bamboo flooring, recycled glass counters, some sustainable furniture, energy efficient lighting, a computer powered by an exercise bicycle, paperless toilets, a smart stove, an air conditioner system that provides water for an outdoor vegetable garden, a computer that tracks the amount of carbon saved by the housemates, and a hybrid car.

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