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After the success of The Price Is Right, To Tell the Truth, and Password, producer Stewart left Goodson-Todman in 1964. Stewart's follow-up to The Price Is Right, his first independent production, was Eye Guess, a sight-and-memory game with Bill Cullen as host. Later, Stewart created other successful shows such as Jackpot! and The $10,000 Pyramid.

In the early 1970s, Mark Goodson was preparing a revised version of The Price Is Right for syndication and CBS daytime dubbed The New Price Is Right, which incorporated elements of the Cullen version with new mini-games influenced by Let's Make a Deal. Dennis James, who was a regular substitute for Monty Hall on Deal, was selected to host both versions of the reincarnated show; however, he hosted only the syndicated version as CBS insisted that Bob Barker, then still hosting Truth or Consequences, host the daytime show. While the syndicated version lasted only until 1980 (Barker replaced James on the syndicated version in 1977), the daytime version has been on the air five days per week since 1972, with Drew Carey replacing Barker in 2007.

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