The Pocket Man - Investigation - Apprehension


Early in the morning of January 11, 2008, in Bergen, the police apprehended the man whom they believe to be "The Pocket Man". A previously unpunished man in his fifties was apprehended. The man was taken subsequent to a DNA match. The police announced that the man has left DNA evidence in five cases, and they have identified him via a video recording. On January 14, a court ruled that he would be placed in detention for four weeks with mail and visitors control restrictions,. His defense attorney at that time was Tor Erling Staff. Information about the suspect that was later published states that he is a multi-millionaire and that he has two children.

Before the apprehension, a secret search was conducted in the person's house. One precondition for such a procedure is the offense has a punishment limit of more than 10 years. Because the Norwegian criminal code equates oral sex and intercourse, the case has a punishment limit of 21 years, and hence the police were able to conduct a secret search.

It is not known whether secret searches have been conducted on the up to 639,000 Norwegian men who were born between 1950 and 1970, which were analysed on the background of electronic evidence. Nor is it known whether at any time they were informed that they had been exposed to such electronic investigation.

During later searches, the police have allowed journalists to photograph impounded material from the house of the charged individual.

Some have expressed the sentiment that the use of the terms "The Pocket Man" and "The Bandage Man" could give the impression that the offenses were of a less serious nature. Several newspapers are using the expression "The man charged with being The Pocket Man" about the apprehended man in order to avoid pre-judging him.

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