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The online story featured a new cover and omitted a one-page gag, a preview for an unrelated Stealth Potato comic, which had appeared as an intermission in the middle of the original story. The original story also appeared online as the comic's "ashcan copy."

The authors present the Rocket Llama stories metafictionally as the world's oldest comic book, established in 1916, which they allegedly rediscovered and are adapting into webcomics. "Deep underground, in an archaic vault we searched until we found the fabled tales. As both the current production team behind The Ongoing Adventures of Rocket Llama and appreciators of such groundbreaking literature, we have taken it upon ourselves to restore these classic issues to a glory more befitting a modern, digital age."

Although every "issue" is presented with panels and screens in the correct order for each story, the issues are presented out of order as if readers were discovering old issues of a classic comic book in a seemingly haphazard order, however they come to find them. After the redrawn number #112's online publication came the serialized time travel story #136–137, "Time Flies When You're on the Run," appearing one page at a time throughout each week and expanding the cast with characters like the scientist Professor Percival Penguin and cavedogs who joined them by stowing away in the heroes' time rocket during the supposed previous issue. Issue No. 152 followed with "The Tomb of Nosfur-Rattu".

Special Rocket Llama Says bonus features appear only in "ashcan" form drawn by the original creator. The only "modern" comic has been a one-page Halloween cartoon, supposedly an excerpt from issue #1110.

Kidjutsu, an all-ages webcomics site which publishes series such as Inverloch (webcomic) and Dandy & Company, publishes completed Rocket Llama issues. Palace in the Sky Publishing also carries the series.

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