The Modern World (novel)

The Modern World (novel)

The Modern World is a fantasy/science fiction novel (2007) by Steph Swainston and is the sequel to the critically acclaimed The Year of Our War (2004) and No Present Like Time (2005). The Modern World is published as Dangerous Offspring in the USA. The first chapter of The Modern World is available on Steph Swainston's website

In the third installment of the Fourlands series Frost, the Circle's architect, unveils a visionary plan to break the stalemate in the endless struggle against the terrifying, alien Insects. However, Jant, the Emperor's winged messenger, has more immediate concerns. Lightning, the Circle's archer and Jant's best friend, asks him to find his rebellious teenage daughter who has disappeared in the sprawling city of Hacilith. Jant starts a search that takes him into his past, through the criminal underworld, across the bizarre worlds of the Shift, and to the very limits of temptation.

In the meantime Frost's plan produces shocking results. The Fourlands suddenly faces a greater threat than ever before. Can the Circle survive the dawn of a new, modern world?

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