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Damdeok (담덕)
The prince of Goguryeo, and also the reincarnation of Hwang-woong. (It should be noted that the same actor plays both Hwanwung and Damdeok.) He came across a girl named Kiha while he was reading a book at night, and later came to her again to ask her to heal his father who was poisoned by Hogae's mother. He had grown to a pleasant young man, but in his heart he always suffered because of Hogae's mother who had committed suicide, causing Hogae to believe that Damdeok killed her. He was later found to be the destined King of Jushin. In order to protect him before he becomes the king, he asked him to not show his true self to anyone, where in he pretended that he has no skills, especially in fighting. The image he showed to everyone was not hidden just by him and his father but he also trusted Kiha about him being a good fighter. It also prevented him from being harmed by people who wanted the throne, who didn't see him as a threat.
However, he proves himself to be an excellent fighter and a schemer who can win entire castles without a s:He was enraged at the idea of the tribal leaders that the King of Joo Shin must be a powerful warrior who can command his army to dominate the world easily. His intention was to unite the world as a brother, not as a coingle casualty on both sides. This was done by avoiding killing, and instead providing love for his future people. Despite being betrayed by his officials, he still saw them as his people.
At the end of the series, he realizes that the task of the King of Joo Shin was to answer the gods whether humans needed their help to continue surviving. He answers by unsummoning (through breaking the Cheongung/천궁: literally Heavenly Bow) the heavenly artifacts of heaven to avoid killing more people, especially Kiha who was then about to release her power which would consume the world again and of the Four Gods. The answer he told the gods was that he should return the powers and that humans could carry on by themselves. Having said that, he returned to the heavens, leaving behind his lover Sujini and son (who was bore by Kiha) on earth.
Sujini (수지니)
The mistress of the Phoenix, the reincarnation of Saeoh. When she was just a little baby, she was hidden in a pot of beans by her sister, Kiha to protect her from danger. Then a village called Hyeon mu, adorning white cloaks found her. It was after they heard a cry from Sujini as a baby, there they found her and saw a phoenix sign embossed on her forehead that only the black Phoenix can have they knew she is the dreaded Black Phoenix. Due to that they always look after her carefully and never allow her to play with fire. The leader was about to kill her, however, one person, Hyeon Go, denied having seen the black phoenix sign but a red phoenix instead. He promised if she became one, he will kill her with his own hands.
Sujini was pick up as an orphan by Hyeon Go and considered him as her teacher. Growing up in the tribe where men are her companions she developed a boyish traits, but still she was kept by the tribe tenderly. Sujini’s life was hard so she really "loved" money especially used it for buying wine. The way she earned money was quite interesting and funny. She met Damdeok by chance one day while she was getting in somewhat little trouble and Damdeok helped her. Naturally, they had become friends since then. When she got into trouble again, they were watching a polo games. Therefore one more time Damdeok helped her. At that time she discovered that he is actually a prince.
Damdeok frequently sneaked out of his palace into the streets. Sujini and Damdeok often wandered together and she commonly helped him when he got into trouble. Their relationship was strengthened over time. Sujini also gave a big contribution helping Damdeok to recognize himself as the king of Joo Shin (because of the conflict with Hogae). She always tagged along with him, even onto the battlefield. Sujini was very good at archery (It should be noticed that the artifact that protected Joo Shin King's life is also a bow). When she discovered that she was the one that would release the black phoenix she chose to live alone. She thus moved away without Damdeok's knowledge and brought up the son of Damdeok and her sister. After nine years, they met again but Damdeok had by then realized she was the one he truly loved.
Kiha (기하)
The reincarnation of Kajin, the Mistress of the Earth. She was born as a noble in Sabi Castle just like her sister, Sujini. On the day of the arrival of the night of the Joo Shin star, the forces of Hwacheon struck the province and killed everyone in sight. Before being killed by the warriors, Kiha's mother instructed her to protect her sister, Sujini, no matter what. Kiha obeyed by hiding Sujini in a pot of beans before fainting in the smoke caused by the fire that the Hwacheon forces started. While unconscious, the heart of the Phoenix exploded in a form of watery energy, extinguishing the fire to save her and her sister. She was discovered shortly afterwards by someone from Hwacheon, the master-of-fights of Hwacheon, and taken to the base of Hwacheon clan. The Daejangro branded her to control her, while using her power of the Phoenix to regain his youth. She was trained in martial arts by Saryang, who developed an elder-brotherly feeling for her and even save her child and went against Hwacheon to help her(although he treated her with high respect to his death & she as a close friend and elder brother since he has always look after her since young).
She met Damdeok by chance one night in the royal library and began to fall for him. Their relationship was going well, until the day that Damdeok's father staged his death that made it seemed that Kiha assassinated him to protect Damdeok. She became a cold person since, especially after seeing Damdeok having a good time with Sujini. She came to think herself to have been 'used'. Later finding that she was pregnant, she decided to reform the whole of Goguryeo for her child. She went as far as deciding Hogae to be suitable for the father for her child even though her love for Damdeok never disappeared. At the end of the series, she unwillingly and accidentally cut her and Damdeok's child on the finger and had the power of heaven. Sujini realized that Kiha has the power of the black phoenix, releasing fire but not releasing the black phoenix instead.
Hogae (호개)
The rival of Damdeok. At first he was very open and pleasant towards Damdeok, but after his mother's death he resolved to take revenge. This was combined with his character changing devastatingly to a cold, cool type from a warm, pleasant person. He had been winning many battles as early as his teens, and grew to a powerful warrior. He joined Hwacheon to kill Damdeok. He was killed by Damdeok in the last battle after killing Damdeok's right-hand general, Gouchung. Damdeok impaled him with the very spear that Hogae used to kill Gouchung. However, Damdeok's look showed great remorse even as he threw the spear, and possibly Hogae came to understand him in his final moments. (His face at death was not enraged. Instead, his eyes were tearful and pure, perhaps implying that he finally understood Damdeok.)
Hyeongo (현고)
The leader of the Geomul village and the master of Hyeonmu. He carries a stick given to him when he was appointed as the leader of Geomul. This stick is the Heavenly Artifact of the Turtle-Snake. He is slightly irresponsible and does not act his age enough. Sure enough, he cheated customers by claiming to be an astrologer. He was the leader of the masters of the Four Gods, and was therefore to identify the King of Joo Shin and serve him. Damdeok called him his 'Teacher' and asked him to teach him the basics of a king. (Note: His final fate in the drama was never shown.)
Cheoro (처로)
The master of Cheongryong who fights with a spear. He became the lord of the Gwanmi fortress of Baekjae at a mere ten years of age when his father infused Cheoro with the symbol of the blue dragon. Though this made him much more powerful, Cheoro's skin became covered in a blue bark-like substance (because the dragon's element is wood), and always wear a mask. Damdeok was able to remove the artifact, and Cheoro began to serve under him. He is very silent, loves being with trees and forests and it is implied that he loves Sujini, as his previous incarnation as the Blue Dragon loved Saeoh.
Jumuchi (주무치)
The master of Baekho who fights with an axe. The leader of the Talgal Mercenaries, he served under Damdeok under the promise that Jumuchi's people will have their land returned to them. His three rules to be hired are 1. not to attack anyone from the rear 2. not harm women, children, or the elderly 3. If he dislikes the client's face, he will not accept. Despite this he did not betray Damdeok even risking his life for him.
Saryang (사량)
The right hand man of Daejangro of the Hwacheon. He has long gray hair and a mask that obscures 1/3 of his face. He has ninja like attributes such as great speed and proficiency with shurikens and blades. He is a caretaker for Kiha when she was younger, and appears to be one of the few people who truly care for her. He ultimately betrays the Hwacheon clan at Kiha's request to be on her side, and is used as a shield by Daejangro when Kiha attempted to kill him, dying before Kiha's eyes.

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