The Late Show (Australian TV Series) - After "The Late Show"

After "The Late Show"

Citing the enormous effort involved in producing each week's show, and the desire to explore other formats, the cast decided that the second season of The Late Show would be the last. Most of the performers have remained prominent in the Australian comedy scene.

Jane Kennedy, Tom Gleisner, Santo Cilauro and Rob Sitch formed Working Dog Productions, and made the successful TV programmes Frontline (1994–1997), Funky Squad (1995), A River Somewhere (1997–1998), The Panel (1998–2004), All Aussie Adventures (2001–2004), and Thank God You're Here (2006–2009), and the successful movies The Castle (1997), The Dish (2000) and Any Questions for Ben? (2012).

Tony Martin and Mick Molloy had a top-rating radio show Martin/Molloy (1995–1998), before moving into film with Tackle Happy (2000), Crackerjack (2002), Bad Eggs (2003) and BoyTown (2006). Tony Martin hosted a radio show on the national Triple M network called Get This (2006–2007), has written two books of humour- Lolly Scramble (2005) and A Nest of Occasionals (2009), has directed episodes of the ABC-TV comedy series The Librarians and in September 2011, began co-hosting The Joy of Sets on Ch-9. Molloy hosted Tough Love from 2004 to 2006 and was then dropped from the radio station. Judith Lucy appeared in both Crackerjack and Bad Eggs, and continues to tour with a series of successful one-woman shows and in 2011, appeared in the ABC-TV series Judith Lucy's Spiritual Journey. Jason Stephens is now the Director of Development for Fremantlemedia Australia, one of Australia's leading independent television production companies. He was the creator behind The Choir of Hard Knocks Article - 'Choir offers sanctuary from ‘Hard Knocks’ ' He also produced and Co-Executive produced the 2007 film The King, the telemovie based on the life of Graham Kennedy lifestory. Jason also developed the comedy Newstopia (2007) starring Shaun Micallef.

The Late Show celebrated its 20th anniversary on 18 July 2012. Tony Martin tweeted: "Thanks to all for Late Show anniv wishes. 20 years ago tonight I was preparing to tell the nation I’d just removed a hatstand from my arse."

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