The Lake House (novel) - "Maximum Ride" Vs. When The Wind Blows/The Lake House - Differences


  • In Maximum Ride, Max is the oldest, at 14 years, with brown/blond hair (Patterson says she has brown and blond throughout the series) and brown eyes. In When the Wind Blows, Max is 12, with blond hair and green eyes.
  • In Maximum Ride, the human/bird children and the human/wolf hybrids ("Erasers") were both the only successful experiments at first, with many failures (later, other experiments were successfully created). In When the Wind Blows, the human/bird children were the only successes, with many horrible failures.
  • In Maximum Ride, it is mentioned that the scientists at the School were operating against the law and didn't want anyone to find out about them. In When the Wind Blows, the scientists at the School operated in secret, but were actually backed by many people, including some in the government.
  • In Maximum Ride, Angel and the Gasman are related by blood and Max and Ari are half-siblings, as well as Max and Ella. In When the Wind Blows, Max and Matthew were siblings, as well as Wendy and Peter.
  • In The Lake House, Max has children with Ozymandias.
  • In When the Wind Blows and The Lake House, Max is oviparous, meaning her children will be born in eggs, therefore, Max did not have breasts.
  • In Maximum Ride, Fang doesn't publicly show that he cares for Max. He makes fun of her, and knows she can take care of herself.
  • In The Lake House, Ozymandias is protective around Max, and often kisses her, which then leads to 'sex.'
  • In Maximum Ride, the Flock possess other super-human abilities as well as having wings.
  • In The Lake House, the experiments made by the School are made public, and the bird children are well known.
  • In Maximum Ride, Max has a 'Voice' in her head.
  • In The Lake House, Ozymandias dies. So far, Fang has been killed in a later book in the Maximum Ride series, (But was brought back to life by Max), and has come close several times.
  • In Maximum Ride there are 3 girls and 3 boys. In The Lake House there are 2 girls and 4 boys.
  • in The Lake House Max swears every chance she gets. In Maximum Ride Max tries to watch her language after 'Angel stubbed her toe and started cussing like a sailor.'
  • In The Lake House, Max and the other winged children are double-limbed (their arms and wings are attached). In Maximum Ride, Max and the winged children have separate wings and arms.
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