The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke may refer to:

In books:

  • Batman: The Killing Joke, a Batman graphic novel published in 1988
  • The Killing Joke (novel), a novel by Anthony Horowitz first published in 2004

In music:

  • Killing Joke, an English punk rock band formed in 1979
    • Killing Joke (1980 album), their debut album
    • Killing Joke (2003 album), their 2003 album

In television:

  • "The Funniest Joke in the World", a Monty Python sketch sometimes referred to as "The Killer Joke."

Famous quotes containing the words joke and/or killing:

    We used chamber-pots a good deal.... My mother ... loved to repeat: “When did the queen reign over China?” This whimsical and harmless scatological pun was my first introduction to the wonderful world of verbal transformations, and also a first perception that a joke need not be funny to give pleasure.
    Angela Carter (1940–1992)

    Writing fiction is ... an endless and always defeated effort to capture some quality of life without killing it.
    Rose Wilder Lane (1886–1965)