The HBO Voyeur Project - Story


There are 5 story locations with their respective addresses:

  • West 41st Street, "The Artist"
  • East 85th Street, "The Housewife"
  • Prince Street, "The Meditator"
  • West 72nd Street, "The Mortician"
  • Broome & Ludlow with 8 individual stories:
    • Apartment 1A, "The Tempted"
    • Apartment 1B, "The Departure"
    • Apartment 2A, "The Discovery"
    • Apartment 2B, "The Proposal"
    • Apartment 3A, "The Killer Within"
    • Apartment 3B, "The Grown-Up Table"
    • Apartment 4A, "The Delivery"
    • Apartment 4B, "The Temptress"

Broome & Ludlow seems to be the focal point of the series with the idea of one story of the entire apartment complex consisting of 8 other sub-stories that all relate to each other. The stories appear to involve murder, violence, romance, marriage, and cheating.

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