The Handle

The Handle is the name of an electric guitar created by the award-winning designer Peter Solomon and produced by the company XOX Audio Tools.

The Handle is characterized by its hollow sectioned Monocoque chassis which construction favors direct transmission of acoustic vibrations and creates a resonance chamber similar to that of a semi-acoustic guitar.

The Handle is made from carbon fiber, a material developed for the aerospace industry, and used in F1 race cars. This ultra lightweight material is incredibly resistant, it won’t bend or deform under high temperatures or humidity. Surprisingly, carbon fiber offers a much wider harmonic range than wood.

The guitar won the "Good Design" 2006 award from Chicago Athenaeum Museum has been selected by the acclaimed ADI Design Index.

It was designed taking inspiration from musician’s needs, the handle was designed for speed and comfort; its concave form, thin profile, slim neck, and light weight offer a truly pleasing experience to anyone who plays it. There's a baritone version (Billy Sheehan signature) which is called "Billytone"

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