The Green Table

The Green Table is the masterpiece of German choreographer Kurt Jooss, and his most popular work, depicting the futility of peace negotiations of the 1930s. It was the first play to be fully notated using kinetography Laban (Labanotation). It is in the repertoire of ballet companies worldwide, where it has been staged by Jooss himself.
Since his death in 1979, his daughter Anna Markard has been responsible for stagings of the work.

Choreography Kurt Jooss
Music Fritz Cohen
Design Hein Heckroth
Libretto Kurt Jooss
Lighting Design Hermann Mankard
First Production Folkwang Tanzbuhne, "Concours international de chorégraphie en souvenir de Jean Borlin", organized by the Archives Internationales de la Danse, Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, Paris, 3 July 1932
Principal Dancers Kurt Jooss (Death), Karl Bergeest (The Profiteer), Ernst Uthoff (The Standard Bearer), Elsa Kahl (Woman), Lisa Czobel (Young Girl)
Other Productions Jooss Ballet (new name of the Folkwang Tanzbuhne), restaged by Jooss, New York, 31 October 1933; restaged Paris, July 1946; City Center Joffrey Ballet (restaged Jooss), New York, 9 March 1967; Northern Dance Theatre (staged Anna Markard), Manchester, 30 May 1973; Joffrey Ballet, 2007 with lighting reconstructed by Kevin Dreyer.

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