The Fixed Period - William Osler's "Fixed Period" Speech

William Osler's "Fixed Period" Speech

In 1905, after he had been appointed Professor of Medicine at Oxford, Canadian physician William Osler gave a farewell address on leaving Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in which he referred to Trollope's The Fixed Period in a humorous manner. His words were misconstrued, and Osler was quoted as having advocated euthanasia ("Osler recommends chloroform at sixty").

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    If there is any period one would desire to be born in, is it not the age of Revolution; when the old and the new stand side by side, and admit of being compared; when the energies of all men are searched by fear and by hope; when the historic glories of the old can be compensated by the rich possibilities of the new era?
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    The greater the ignorance the greater the dogmatism.
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