The Blind Boys of Alabama

The Blind Boys of Alabama is a gospel group from Alabama. It is a five-time Grammy Award winning gospel that first sang together in 1939. After seven decades of touring, countless prestigious appearances, and a successful discography, the Blind Boys of Alabama have created their own solid musical history.

The on-stage configuration of the group currently consists of seven people:

Three blind singers – Jimmy Carter, Ben Moore, Eric "Ricky" McKinnie
Guitarist and musical director, Joey Williams
A keyboard player, a bass player, and a drummer

Since their formation over 70 years ago, The Blind Boys of Alabama's self-proclaimed goal is to spiritually uplift audiences. The gospel group has also been a source of inspiration for those with disabilities. In the words of one of the group’s blind members, Ricky Mckinnie, “Our disability doesn’t have to be a handicap. It's not about what you can't do. It's about what you do. And what we do is sing good gospel music."

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