The Billy Barnes Revue - Selections On The Cast Album

Selections On The Cast Album

Act I
  • Do A Revue (The Company)
  • Where Are Your Children? (The Company)
  • Foolin' Ourselves (Bert Convy and Ken Berry)
  • Las Vegas (Joyce Jameson with Bert Convy and Ken Berry; Introduction by Rob Rodgers and Girls
  • What Ever Happened? No. 1 (Patti Regan)
  • Too Long At The Fair (Joyce Jameson with Soprano Obbligato by Jackie Joseph)
  • Listen To The Beat (The Company featuring Len Weinrib)
Act II
  • City of the Angels (Joyce Jameson, Ann Guilbert and Jackie Joseph)
  • Blocks (Bob Rodgers and Jackie Joseph)
  • What Ever Happened? No. 2 (Patti Regan)
  • The Fights (Joyce Jameson and Bob Rodgers)
  • Tyler My Boy (Bert Convy)
  • What Ever Happened? No. 3 (Patti Regan)
  • One of Those Days - Finale (Jackie Joseph, Bert Convy, Ken Berry and Company)

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