The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories

The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories is a science fiction anthology written and edited by Isaac Asimov (ISBN 0-385-12198-9). Following the usual form for Asimov collections, it consists of eleven short stories and a poem surrounded by commentary describing how each came to be written. The stories are as follows (original publication in parentheses):

  • "The Prime of Life" - poem (F&SF, October 1966)
  • "Feminine Intuition" (F&SF, October 1969)
  • "Waterclap" (Galaxy, May 1970)
  • "That Thou art Mindful of Him" (F&SF, May 1974)
  • "Stranger in Paradise" (If, May–June 1974)
  • "The Life and Times of Multivac" (New York Times Magazine, 5 January 1975)
  • "The Winnowing" (Analog, February 1976)
  • "The Bicentennial Man" (Judy-Lynn del Rey, ed., Stellar Science Fiction #2, February 1976)
  • "Marching In" (High Fidelity magazine, April 1976)
  • "Old-fashioned" (Bell Telephone Magazine, February 1976)
  • "The Tercentenary Incident" (Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, August 1976)
  • "Birth of a Notion" (Amazing Stories, April 1976)

Two of the stories, "Feminine Intuition" and "The Bicentennial Man", were inspired by Judy-Lynn del Rey. The latter was expanded into a novel, The Positronic Man (with Robert Silverberg), which formed the basis of the 1999 Touchstone Pictures and Columbia Pictures film Bicentennial Man.

The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories by Isaac Asimov
  • "The Prime of Life"
  • "Feminine Intuition"
  • "Waterclap"
  • ". . . That Thou Art Mindful of Him"
  • "Stranger in Paradise"
  • "The Life and Times of Multivac"
  • "The Winnowing"
  • "The Bicentennial Man"
  • "Marching In"
  • "Old-fashioned"
  • "The Tercentenary Incident"
  • "Birth of a Notion"
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