Textual Variant

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Codex Sinaiticus - The Text of The Codex - Unique and Other Textual Variants
... This variant is supported only by one Greek manuscript Uncial 0250, and by Codex Bobiensis, syrc, s, p, pal, arm, Diatessaron ... These two variants do not exist in any other manuscript, and it seems they were made by a scribe ... Matthew 1612 – It has textual variant της ζυμης των αρτων των Φαρισαιων και Σαδδουκαιων (leaven of bread of the Pharisees and ...
Codex Alexandrinus - Textual Features
... Textual critics have had a challenging task in classifying the Codex, the exact relationship to other known texts and families is still disputed ... of Alexandrian features, it has some affinities to the textual Family Π ... In Luke 417 Alexandrinus has textual variant ἀνοίξας (opened) together with the manuscripts B, L, W, Ξ, 33, 892, 1195, 1241, ℓ 547, syrs, syrh, syrpal, copsa, copbo, against variant ...

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