Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs - Agency Mission and Charge

Agency Mission and Charge

TDHCA's mission is as follows: To help Texans achieve an improved quality of life through the development of better communities.

TDHCA accomplishes this mission by administering a variety of housing and community affairs programs. A primary function of TDHCA is to act as a conduit for federal grant funds for housing and community services. However, because several major housing programs require the participation of private investors and private lenders, TDHCA also operates as a housing finance agency.

More specific policy guidelines are provided in §2306.002 of TDHCA's enabling legislation.

  1. The legislature finds that:
    1. every resident of this state should have a decent, safe, and affordable living environment;
    2. government at all levels should be involved in assisting individuals and families of low income in obtaining a decent, safe, and affordable living environment; and
    3. the development and diversification of the economy, the elimination of unemployment or underemployment, and the development or expansion of commerce in this state should be encouraged.
  2. The highest priority of the department is to provide assistance to individuals and families of low and very low income who are not assisted by private enterprise or other governmental programs so that they may obtain affordable housing or other services and programs offered by the department.

The TDHCA Governing Board and staff are committed to meeting the challenges presented by examining the housing needs and presenting a broad spectrum of housing and community affairs programs based on the input of thousands of Texans. TDHCA's services address a broad spectrum of housing and community affairs issues that include homebuyer assistance, the rehabilitation of single family and multifamily units, rental assistance, the new construction of single family and multifamily housing, special needs housing, transitional housing, and emergency shelters. Community services include energy assistance, weatherization assistance, health and human services, child care, nutrition, job training and employment services, substance abuse counseling, medical services, and emergency assistance.

The Department is primarily a pass-through funding agency that collects funds from federal and state programs to use the combination of resources efficiently. To further the goal of providing a decent, safe, and affordable living environment for families who need assistance, the Department uses a series of competitive programs that focus on obtaining the public policy goals. This distribution is done using a number of techniques.

  • Almost all housing development, rehabilitation, and rental assistance related funding is awarded through formal competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) and Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) processes.
  • First time homebuyer and down payment assistance is allocated through a network of participating lenders.
  • Community Affairs’ funds are predominantly allocated through a network of community based organizations who receive their funding on an annual, ongoing basis.

Funding sources for the services listed above include the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Treasury Department, United States Department of Health and Human Services, United States Department of Energy, and State of Texas general revenue funds. With this funding, TDHCA strives to promote sound housing policies; promote leveraging of state and local resources; prevent discrimination; and ensure the stability and continuity of services through a fair, nondiscriminatory, and open process. Recognizing that all the need may not ever be met, the Department looks at where the federal programs and state resources at its disposal could provide the most benefit by managing these limited resources to have the greatest impact.

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