Terrano (grape) - History, Properties and Food Matching

History, Properties and Food Matching

This wine is a great appetizer and has always been appreciated for its medicinal properties. As with all other refosco family wines, some believe that Kraski Teran is the Roman puccinum (although some also believe that puccinum was a white wine similar to Prosecco). Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder wrote that puccinum was the favorite of Augustus's wife Livia who lived to the respectable age of 82. The medicinal properties of lactic acid and bivalent iron, that are highly contained in Kraski Teran, have been confirmed by a modern medicine. The wine stimulates the appetite and facilitates digestion of fatty foods.

Kraski Teran is traditionally well paired together with pršut (prosciutto or air-dried ham). However, it matches also with other pork dishes, sausages, panceta or cooked ham with horseradish (traditional foods of the Kras Plateau and Istria). Kraski Teran should be served at 15 - 16 °C (59 - 60.8 °F).

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