Terminal Node

Terminal node may mean:

  • Leaf node, a node of a tree data structure that has no child nodes.
  • Lymph node, a terminal lymph node in the lymphatic system.

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Finite Extensive-form Games
... the following A finite set of n (rational) players A rooted tree, called the game tree Each terminal (leaf) node of the game tree has an n-tuple of payoffs, meaning there is one ... Each player's subset of nodes is referred to as the "nodes of the player" ... (A game of complete information thus has an empty set of Chance nodes.) Each node of the Chance player has a probability distribution over its outgoing edges ...
Predictive Analytics - Statistical Techniques - Classification and Regression Trees
... on the dependent variable Once a rule is selected and splits a node into two, the same process is applied to each “child” node (i.e ... split as much as possible and then the tree is later pruned.) Each branch of the tree ends in a terminal node ... Each observation falls into one and exactly one terminal node, and each terminal node is uniquely defined by a set of rules ...

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