Tennessee Volunteers Football - Captains


Year Captain
1891 H.K. Denlinger
1892 Charles Moore
1893 H.A. Ijams
1894 No Team
1895 No Team
1896 Strang Nicklin
1897 James A. Baird
1898 No Team
1899 William L. Terry
1900 Bill Newman
1901 C.E. Holopeter
1902 Nash Buckingham
1903 T.B. Green
1904 Roscoe Word
1905 Roscoe Word
1906 Roscoe Word, E.P. Proctor
1907 Roscoe Word
1908 Walker Leach
1909 Nathan Dougherty
1910 W.C. Johnson
1911 H.C. Branch
1912 C.H. Fonde
1913 Sam Hayley
1914 Farmer Kelly
1915 E.A. McLean
1916 J.G. Vowell
1917 No Team
1918 No Team
1919 W.O. Lowe
1920 Buck Hatcher
1921 Hal Blair
1922 Roy Striegel
1923 Tarzan Holt
1924 J.G. Lowe
1925 J.G. Lowe
1926 Billy Harkness
1927 John Barnhill
1928 Roy Witt
1929 Howard Johnson
1930 Harry Thayer
1931 Eugene Mayer
1932 Malcolm Aitken
1933 Talmadge Maples
1934 Ralph Hatley
1935 Toby Palmer
1936 DeWitt Weaver
1937 Joe Black Hayes
1938 Bowden Wyatt
1939 Sam Bartholomew
1940 Norbert Ackermann
1941 Ray Graves
1942 Al Hust
1943 No Team
1944 Bob Dobelstein
1945 Billy Bevis
1946 Walter Slater
1947 Denver Crawford
1948 Jim Powell
1949 Ralph Chancey, Hal Littleford
1950 Jack Stroud
1951 Bert Rechichar
1952 Jim Haslam
1953 Mack Franklin
1954 Darris McCord
1955 Jim Beutel
1956 John Gordy
1957 Bill Anderson, Bill Johnson
1958 Bobby Urbano
1959 Joe Schaffer
1960 Mike LaSorsa
1961 Mike Lucci
1962 Pat Augustine
1963 Buddy Fisher
1964 Steve DeLong
1965 Hal Wantland
1966 Austin Denney, Paul Naumoff
1967 Bob Johnson
1968 Dick Williams
1969 Bill Young
1970 Tim Priest
1971 Jackie Walker
1972 Jamie Rotella
1973 Eddie Brown
1974 Condredge Holloway, Jim Watts
1975 Ron McCartney
1976 Larry Seivers, Andy Spiva
1977 Pert Jenkins, Greg Jones, Brent Watson
1978 Robert Shaw, Dennis Wolfe
1979 Roland James, Craig Puki, Jimmy Streater
1980 Jim Noonan
1981 James Berry, Lemont Holt Jeffers, Lee North
1982 Mike L. Cofer
1983 Reggie White
1984 Johnnie Jones, Carl Zander
1985 Tim McGee, Tommy Sims, Chris White
1986 Joey Clinkscales, Dale Jones, Bruce Wilkerson
1987 Harry Galbreath, Kelly Ziegler
1988 Keith DeLong, Nate Middlebrooks
1989 Eric Still
1990 Tony Thompson
1991 Earnest Fields, John Fisher
1992 Andy Kelly, J.J. McCleskey
1993 Craig Faulkner, Cory Fleming, Horace Morris, James Wilson
1994 Kevin Mays, Ben Talley
1995 Scott Galyon, Jason Layman, Bubba Miller
1996 Raymond Austin, Jay Graham
1997 Leonard Little, Peyton Manning
1998 Shawn Bryson, Jeff Hall, Mercedes Hamilton, Al Wilson
1999 Chad Clifton, Dwayne Goodrich, Tee Martin, Billy Ratliff, Spencer Riley, Darwin Walker
2000 David Leaverton, Eric Westmoreland, Cedrick Wilson
2001 Will Bartholomew, John Henderson, Andre Lott, Will Overstreet, Fred Weary
2002 Omari Hand, Eddie Moore, Will Ofenheusle
2003 Casey Clausen, Kevin Burnett, Michael Munoz, Rashad Baker, Scott Wells, Constantin Ritzmann
2004 Michael Munoz, Parys Haralson, Jason Respert, Tony Brown, Kevin Burnett, Jason Allen
2005 Jason Allen, Rick Clausen, Cody Douglas, Parys Haralson, Jesse Mahelona, Rob Smith
2006 Justin Harrell, Turk McBride, Marvin Mitchell, Jayson Swain, Arron Sears
2007 Game Captains
2008 Robert Ayers, Ramon Foster, Lucas Taylor, Ellix Wilson, Montario Hardesty, Eric Berry
2009 Montario Hardesty, Jonathan Crompton, Nick Reveiz, Eric Berry
2010 Tauren Poole, Nick Reveiz, Luke Stocker

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