Ten Bruggencate

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Paul Ten Bruggencate - Youth and Education
... Ten Bruggencate was born in Arosa, Switzerland and went to several schools in Switzerland, in the Netherlands and in Germany ... Ten Bruggencate graduated from the University of Munich and in 1924, together with Hans Kienle, moved to the Göttingen University Observatory ... Ten Bruggencate stayed as an assistant at the Göttingen University until 1926, when he traveled to Java ...
Paul Ten Bruggencate - Academic Career
... Ten Bruggencate became chief astronomer at the Potsdam Observatory in 1935 ... From that time on, the main focus of ten Bruggencate's research became the Sun ... In 1941, during World War II, ten Bruggencate became the director at the Göttingen University Observatory ...
Ten Bruggencate (crater)
... Ten Bruggencate is a lunar impact crater that lies on the far side of the Moon from the Earth, just to the east of the younger crater Lane ... To the southeast of Ten Bruggencate is Chauvenet ... a worn and eroded formation, with the satellite crater Ten Bruggencate H overlapping part of the side to the east-southeast ...

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