Telephone Numbers in Austria - Mobile Phone Codes

Mobile Phone Codes

In ascending numeric order:

Mobile Providers with own Networks
Provider Code
3 660
A1 664
T-Mobile 676
Orange Austria 699
Mobile Providers without own Networks
Provider Network Code
Telering1 and Schwarzfunk2 T-Mobile 650
BoB2 A1 680
Yesss2 Orange Austria 681
Eety2 Orange Austria 68183
Tele2 Orange Austria 688
eTel Orange Austria 6991599
Yesss2 Orange Austria 6998
  • 1 Telering was bought by T-Mobile in 2005. As of 2006, Telering uses the network-infrastructure of T-Mobile. As a special requirement of the European commission, many of the former transmitters and frequencies previously operated by Telering were given to Orange and Drei.
  • 2 BoB is a discount service of A1, Yesss and Eety is a discount service of Orange. Schwarzfunk is a discount service of T-Mobile.

Due to number portability, the code is not a safe way to evaluate the provider of a phone number. The providers assign only in exceptional cases (special sort of custom numbers, more expensive) non-existing numbers with a different prefix, and this is handled similar as porting an existing number from the desired network. However, the providers still have the administrative sovereignty over their own prefix.

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