Teen Angels - Teen Angels 2007

Teen Angels 2007

Teen Angels
Soundtrack album by Teen Angels
Released 2007
Recorded Various times
Genre Pop, Latin
Length 45:52 (Minutes)
Label Sony Music
Producer Cris Morena
Teen Angels chronology
N/A Teen Angels
Teen Angels
# Title Performer(s)
01 "Voy Por Más" (I go for more) Teen Angels and Cielo (Emilia Attias)
02 "No Te Rindas" (Don't give up) Cielo (Emilia Attias)
03 "Dos Ojos" (Two eyes) Cielo (Emilia Attias) and Nico (Nicolás Vázquez)
04 "Casi Ángeles" (Almost Angels) Cielo (Emilia Attias)
05 "Valiente" (Brave) Cielo (Emilia Attias)
06 "Che Bombón" (Hey, sweet) Teen Angels (Gastón Dalmau, Mariana Espósito, Juan Pedro Lanzani, Nicolás Riera, María Eugenia Suárez)
07 "Para Vos" (For you) Cielo (Emilia Attias)
08 "Todo Puede Ser Mejor" (Everything can be better) Nico (Nicolás Vázquez)
09 "Tu Cielo" (Your Sky) Nico (Nicolás Vázquez)
10 "Escaparé" (I'll run away) Mar (Mariana Espósito)
11 "Ángeles del Mundo" (Angels of the World) Teen Angels
12 "Te Amaré Por Siempre" (I'll love you forever) Cielo (Emilia Attias) and Nico (Nicolás Vázquez)
13 "Reina Gitana" (Gypsy Queen) Jaz (María Eugenia Suárez)
14 "Nenes Bien" ("Good" Boys) Teen Angels
15 "Un Ángel" (An Angel) Cielo (Emilia Attias)
16 "Tan Alegre el Corazón" (So cheerful the heart) Cielo (Emilia Attias) and Teen Angels

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