Tectonic Uplift

Tectonic uplift is a geological process most often caused by plate tectonics which increases elevation. The opposite of uplift is subsidence, which results in a decrease in elevation. Uplift may be orogenic or isostatic.

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Tectonic Uplift - Coral Islands
... In a few cases, tectonic uplift can be seen in the cases of coral islands ... The uplift of these islands is the result of the movement of oceanic tectonic plates ...
Stream Capture - Capture Mechanisms - Tectonic Uplift
... Barmah Choke About 25,000 years BP, an uplift of the plains near Moama first dammed the Murray River and then forced it to take a new course ... An uplift of the land blocked the river near the southern end of the Flinders Ranges, and the river eventually found its way to a new mouth near Lake Alexandrina ...
Marine Terrace - Formation - Causes
... by changes in environmental conditions and by tectonic activity during recent geological times ... Processes of isostasy involve the uplift of continental crusts including their shorelines ... In Scandinavia, for instance, the present rate of uplift reaches up to 10 mm/year ...

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