Tbuong Kmoum District - Administration


The Tbuong Khmoum district governor reports to His Excellency Hun Neng, the Governor of Kampong Cham. The following table shows the villages of Tbuong Khmoum district by commune.

Khum (Commune) Phum (Villages)
Anhchaeum Ponley Chuor, Mochchhuem Pheak, Chheu Teal Chrum, Trapeang Chak, Koun Tnaot, Kraoy Voat, Ta Kaeb, Poun, Ae Out, Pou Roung, Ponley Phsar, Angk Kaev, Ta Trav, Damnak Char, Prey Kampeaeng, Eisant Mean Chey, Prey Chongruk, Doung Preah, Rung, Trach, Anhchaeum, Neameun Kheung
Boeng Pruol Boeng Pruol Leu, Tuol Kampot Ti Muoy, Tuol Kampot Ti Bei, Masin Srov, Vihear Kraom, Bat Dei Kraom, Boeng Kambaor, Tuol Dambang, Speam Chheu, Boeng kak, Boeng Preah
Chikor Veal, Khtum Kandal, Roka Khmuoch Tboung, Roka Khmuoch Cheung, Slaeng, Veah, Khnach Krasang, Chan Tum, Tuol Kandal Cheung, Chi Kor, Kamraeng, Stueng Penh, Svay Tipv, Khtum Kaeut, Khtum Lech, Sameakki, Tuol Kandal Tboung, Tuol Thmei, Veal Lech
Chirou Muoy Preaek Touch, Roka Thum, Chirou Kraom Muoy, Chirou Kraom Pir, Chirou Leu, Chirou Kandal, Chuor Kandal, Kampong Ruessei, Tuol Kaev
Chirou Pir Tuol Vihear, Srae Siem, Tuek Chenh, Aekkapheap, Tuol Ponley, Mream Teak, Andoung Chea, Ta Trav, Chruoy Kor, Boeng Tral, Sampov Phustmei, Sampir
Chub Chub Ti Muoy, Chub Ti Pir, Chub Krau, Chrak Chambak, Veal Kandieng, Slab Kdaong, Andoung Lve, Tuol Trea Tboung, Tuol Trea Cheung, Tuol Sambour, Phum Dabbuon, Phum Dabpram, Phum Saeprammuoy, Phum Samprammuoy, Phum Sounbuon Sounpram, Phum Sounprammuoy
Kor Lvea Touch, Seh, Kbal Boeng Seh, Damnak Popel, Kbal Ou, Thnong, Tuol Thmei, Tep Nimitt, Veal Khmum, Kandal, Kor, sambuor, Phum Prambei Dabpram, Phum Prammuoy Dabprammuoy, Toul Vihear Meanchey, Tumnob Senchey, Trapeang Bei, Veal Tuek Chenh, Kbal Boeng Sehkaeut, Sok San
Lngieng Lngieng, Kokir, Chrab, Smaonh, Lvea Thum, Phum Buon Dabprammuoy, Phum Pir Dabprampir, Tlouk Pongro, Khien Chak
Moung Riev Trapeang Snao, Chi Peang, Pring, Riev, Thnong, Mong Ti Prampir, Mong Ti Prammuoy, Cheung Khal, Trapeang Krapeu, Poun, Chrouy Changhar
Peam Chileang Ta Bang, Preaek Phdau, Kampong Chanloh Lech, Chheu Teal Ti Pir, Kampong Chanloh Kaeut, Chheu Teal Touch, Chheu Teal Ti Muoy, Peam Knong, Bat Sla Snab, Pram Damleung, Prekpeam
Roka Po Pram Chong Ou, Veal Vong, Roka Pram Ti Muoy, Preah Angk, Chant Nimitt, Vihear Sambour, Roka Pram Ti Pir, Chhuk Sandal, Trapeang Khla, Pong Tuek, Ta Pav Bampenh Tes, Praphat, Trapeang Ruessei, Koul, Somrum, PhnomLok, Dab Dabmuoy, Prambei Dabmuoy
Sralab Chan Toung, Trabos, Trapeang Thum, Prayab, Sangkom Thmei, Angkor Chea, Sralab, Dang Kambet, Khlaong, Trapeang Dom, Khnar, Angkor Chey, Veal Khnach, Nikom Leu, Pratheat, Trapeang Kur, Nikom Kraom, Andoung Pok, Kien Romiet, Trapeang Sangkae
Suong Pou Kel, Thlok, Chrey Bet Meas, Vihear Khpos, Suong Lech, Cheung Lang, Suong Kaeut, Prey Totueng, Chrak Poun, Ponnareay, Chong Angkrang, Toung, Phum Saeprambei, Phum Dabprambei, Phum Bei Dab
Thma Pechr Thma Pech Ti Muoy, Thma Pech Ti Pir, Thma Pech Ti Bei, Peuk, Roung kou, Doung, Chies Ti Muoy, Chies Ti Pir, Chambak, Kok, Phum Prammuoy Prampir, Phum Prambei Dab, Phum Prambei Prampir, PhumDab Prambei, Toul Oupir
Tonle Bet Andoung Poung, Chrouy Sralau, Phnum, Ampil Chrum, Tuol Kor, Preaek Touch, Preaek Chik, Tuol Khsach, Doun Mau Kraom, Doun Mau Leu, Tonle Bet Kraom, Tonle Bet Leu, Tahuy, Tonle Bet, Yaysor
Vihear Luong Chruoy, Chi Kae, Kandal, Cheung Voat, Thmei, Krachhan, Prasrae Kraom, Prasrae Leu, Pnov, Thnal Thmei, Phum Prammuoy Dab, Phum Prammuoy Dabpir, Phum Pram Dab, Veal Char, Kien Rung

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