Tax Bill

  • (noun): Money owed for taxes.

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Cost Basis - Evaluation of Methods
... It almost always allows the lowest tax bill, however, as one has discretion on which gains to realize ... and generally results in the highest tax bill, as it sells oldest (hence generally most appreciated) shares first ... specifying required), and results in moderate tax ...
Timeline Of United States History - 20th Century
... United States Constitution, establishing an income tax, was passed ... Bill was passed ... The rock and roll hit "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley and His Comets topped the Billboard magazine pop charts ...
Bill Gradison - 1980s Tax Act Legislation - The Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981
... In Congress, "Bill" was a member of the U.S ... One effort was the original sponsorship of the bill providing the income tax indexing clause that was later inserted into President Reagan's famous tax ... This indexing made it so that income tax brackets would automatically be moved up as the inflation rate rose, so that "bracket creep" would be avoided, whereby income tax rates ...
Huey Long - Long in The Senate (1932–1935) - Share Our Wealth
... In March 1933, Long offered a series of bills collectively known as "the Long plan" for the redistribution of wealth ... The first bill proposed a new progressive tax code designed to cap personal fortunes at $100 million ... be taxed at 2 percent, and so forth, up to a 100 percent tax on fortunes greater than $100 million ...
List Of Oregon Ballot Measures - 1920s - 1926
... Amendment 8 YES 78,823 61,472 56.18% Yes LEG Curry County Bonding or Tax Levy Amendment 9 YES 100,397 54,474 64.83% Yes LEG Amendment Relating to Elections to Fill Vacancies in Public ...

Famous quotes containing the words bill and/or tax:

    I need not tell you of the inadequacy of the American shipping marine on the Pacific Coast.... For this reason it seems to me that there is no subject to which Congress can better devote its attention in the coming session than the passage of a bill which shall encourage our merchant marine in such a way as to establish American lines directly between New York and the eastern ports and South American ports, and both our Pacific Coast ports and the Orient and the Philippines.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)

    To tax and to please, no more than to love and to be wise, is not given to men.
    Edmund Burke (1729–1797)