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USS Lamberton (DD-119) - Service History - World War II
... She was reclassified AG-21 on 16 April 1932 and converted to a target-towing ship ... From 1933 until 1940 she operated out of San Diego towing targets for surface ships, submarines, and aircraft, a role which paid dividends during World War II ... After arriving Pearl Harbor 11 September 1941, Lamberton resumed target towing and ASW screening operations in the Hawaiian Islands ...
History Of The Civil Air Patrol - World War II - Target Towing
... In March 1942, CAP aircraft began towing targets for air-to-air (fighters) and ground-to-air (anti-aircraft batteries) gunnery practice ... Targets would be trailed behind the aircraft (similar to the way an aircraft trails a banner) to simulate strafing attacks ... CAP aircraft would also climb to various altitudes and would trail two targets for heavy AA guns to use for practice ...
Target Tug - History
... Prior to and during World War II target tugs were typically operated by the air arms on behalf of which they flew, and were usually conversions of aircraft that had ... thousands of metres) and student fighter pilots or air gunners would shoot at the target from other aircraft (using painted bullets so that 'hits' could be recorded and later analysed) ... Miles Master IIs were used for this purpose as part of the Target Towing Flight at the Central Gunnery School whilst the School was based at RAF Sutton Bridge from April 1942 to March 1944 ...

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