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Hosny starred in the 2003 Egyptian movie, Halet Hob (A State of Love). The movie featured music by Hosny himself. Halet Hob is a modern film addressing the issues of young people in today's Egypt, including family, immigration, work, and love, as well as how Arab immigrants are viewed and treated abroad. When Nour decides to immigrate to France, his wife refuses to go, so they decide to split the family. She stays in Egypt with their son Youssef, and Nour leaves the country with their other child Seif. As time passes, the split family drifts apart. Although many young people are trying to leave Egypt, after facing the reality of anti-Arab sentiment in France, Seif and his Tunisian/French girlfriend decide to return, seeking to find and help his brother with his budding singing career. His goal is not only to reunite with Youssef, but to use art and music as a forum for bringing youth from around the world together and giving a voice to Arabs abroad. There are many obstacles in the way and bringing the family together will not be easy.

The movie Sayed El Atefy was released in 2005, and featured two songs, "Koll Marra" and "Nour Einy"; both were performed within the movie. The full versions of the songs accompanied the performance in addition to scenes from the movie were made into music videos. They were initially exclusive to Melody Hits channel. The film is about a simple woman called Um Sayed (Abla Kamel) who raises her son after his father dies. She works as a taxi driver and car pickups to face life's burdens. At the same time loving the Al-Ahli Team so much and sponsor her son Sayed (Tamer Hosny), who is facing several problems at the university with his uncle. Um Sayed and friends try to lifting the injustice done to her son in the comic style concert.

At the beginning of June 2007, Hosny released his third movie Omar & Salma with Mai Ezzedine. Omar (Tamer Hosny) is a young man who likes to flirt with all kinds of girls and has never been a serious relationship. That all changes when he meets Salma (Mai Ezz El Din) who totally changes the way he thinks, but their new relationship turns out to be a bumpy ride.

In 2008, he released Captin Hima, a social comedy about a young man who is crazy about football. Hima (Hosny) believes that football is a panacea for all problems and "plays" hard to achieve his goals and dreams.

In May 2009, he released Omar & Salma 2, a sequel to the romance comedy. Starring Tamer Hosny and May Ezzeddin, Omar & Salma 2 features a new arrival, Merihan Hussein, a Star Academy 5 contender. May Ezzeddin (Salma) plays the nagging wife, and Tamer Hosny (Omar) a bored husband longing for good old days of bachelorhood. Salma demands that they move because the block where they live is packed with women. So they move to a block inhabited by a widow, a divorcee and a gay man. Omar ends up having an affair with Carma (Merihan Hussein), an employee at his father’s (Ezzat Abu Owf) business. Salma finds out about the affair and the couple almost file for divorce.

In May 2010, he released the movie Noor Einy (The Light of my Eyes). This is a romantic comedy and drama about Ahmad (who uses the stage name Noor), a young music composer Tamer Hosny and a blind girl named Sarah Menna Shalabi and the great love story between them. Sarah breaks up with Noor after a misunderstanding, and she decides to go to America for surgery in order to regain her eyesight. While Noor has to deal with the death of his brother, he has to deal with the fact that Sarah has left him. As she moves on with her life, she falls in love with her doctor Tarek Amro Yousef, who decides to marry her in back Egypt. What she does not know is that Tarek and Noor are childhood friends, and when Noor meets Tarek in the airport he finds out that his friend's fiancee is his love, Sarah. While Sarah thinks that she sees Tarek's friend Ahmad, she doesn't know the fact that it's Noor. Noor ends up facing the heartbreak silently until the events lead up to the discovery of this strange twist of fate.

In December 2011, Tamer Released his latest Movie " Omar and salma 3" the 3rd part of his movies Omar and Salma, In this part Omar decided to become a rap singer and Salma Refused this, so Salma Forced Omar to get divorced, so both of them started to make a play on each other's to teach each other's a lesson the message from this movie was social comedy to discuss that the divorce is the not the solution for the marriage problems, the story was written by Tamer Hosny directed by Mohamed Sami. this part achieved a huge success and preside the wills

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