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Talmudists - Role in Judaism - Present Day
... Orthodox Judaism continues to stress the importance of Talmud study and it is a central component of Yeshiva curriculum, in particular for those training to be Rabbis ... studied from the medieval codes and not directly from the Talmud ... Talmudic study amongst the laity is widespread in Orthodox Judaism, with daily or weekly Talmud study particularly common in Haredi Judaism and with Talmud study ...
Yeshiva - Typical Schedule - Talmud Study
... In the typical Orthodox yeshiva, the main emphasis is on Talmud study and analysis ... Generally, two parallel Talmud streams are covered during a zman (trimester) ... The first is study in-depth (iyyun), often confined to selected legally focused tractates, with an emphasis on analytical skills and close reference to the classical commentators ...

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