Takarazuka Revue - Influence - Takarazuka and Homosexuality in Japanese Society

Takarazuka and Homosexuality in Japanese Society

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For a society that has been at least contextually accepting of homosexuality for most of its history, Japan is surprisingly biased against lesbian activity, apparent in Takarazuka's early history. After the scandal of women writing love letters to the otokoyaku and the revelation of an actual lesbian relationship between a otokoyaku and a musumeyaku, Takarazuka greatly limited itself in order to do away with the lesbian image. Women wore militaristic uniforms, heightening the attraction even more among some. In August 1940, the actresses were even forbidden to answer fan mail and socialize with their admirers.

In the years since then, the regulations have relaxed but not by much. There was another scandal when, for the first time, one of the otokoyaku cut her hair short (previously all of the actresses had their hair long and the otokoyaku simply hid their hair under hats).

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