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  • List of battles of the Chinese Civil War
  • National Revolutionary Army
  • People's Liberation Army
  • History of the People's Liberation Army
  • Chinese Civil War
Chinese Civil War
Principal belligerents

Nationalist Party of China (Kuomintang)
Communist Party of China
Pre-1945 Post-1945 Current issues
1924 First United Front
1927 Shanghai massacre
Nanchang Uprising
Autumn Harvest Uprising
Guangzhou Uprising
1929 Sino-Soviet conflict
1930–1934 Encirclement Campaigns
1931–1934 Chinese Soviet Republic
1934–1936 Long March
1936 Xi'an Incident
1937–1946 Second United Front
1945–1949 Operation Beleaguer
1946–1949 Revolution
1950–1958 Kuomintang Islamic insurgency
1955 First Taiwan Strait Crisis
1958 Second Taiwan Strait Crisis
1960–1961 China–Burma Border
1996 Third Taiwan Strait Crisis
2005– Pan-Blue visits
  • Political status of Taiwan
  • Legal status of Taiwan
  • Chinese reunification
  • Taiwan independence
  • Cross-Strait relations

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